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Inline Sales provides your organization with outsourced sales solutions that significantly improve your sales force productivity while cost effectively enhancing incremental revenue opportunities with a measurable return on investment. Inline Sales provides innovative direct and channel sales models, database marketing, customer segmentation strategies, and new target market/customer vertical identification.

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We are specialists in all Marketing / Sales / Business Development / Account Management / Market Entry Strategies / Public Relations/ Resourcing (incl. recruiting).

We want to be your outsourced sales department.

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Jaime Enrique Suárez García, Ecuador and Inline Sales

We - Inline Sales, Inc - received many calls asking for Jaime Suarez from Ecuador. This person is using our company logo, company name, company address and he uses in some instances on his correspondence also the name of our CEO. We want to make the following statement: this individual does not have or never had the right to use anything of the above. Inline Sales was established in 1997 and is not trading in commodities. We will legally pursue every infringement case to protect our copyrights, and our trademarks.

June 2013

We received evidence that Mr Suarez is using a copy of the passport of our CEO to justify transactions. This has never been authorized.

You received a commodities offer from Jaime Suarez? Then please click here: Inline Sales & Commodities, Ltd