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About Us


Inline Sales Holding is an international operating sales & marketing organisation with local subsidiaries in:

  • USA, Miami (Inline Sales Inc)
  • UK, London (Inline Sales & Marketing Limited)
  • France, Paris (Inline Sales SAS)
  • Germany, Munich (Inline Sales GmbH)
  • Sales offices exist in Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Poland

    The Inline Sales International Group was established in 1998 by experienced sales & marketing specialists as a business development company with focus on strategic and operational sales & marketing. In 2000 the group established the Inline Sales GmbH. Located in Munich, Germany, Inline Sales GmbH is responsible for the business of the group in Central- and Eastern Europe.


    Sebastian Naumann, Dipl.-Kfm. has graduated in Business Administration, English and Spanish in Marburg, Germany and Philadelphia, USA. He brings over 15 years of international sales and marketing experience through various international senior management positions at Ciba Geigy, Peacock, Digital Equipment Corporation, AltaVista, OpenShop and others. Sebastian is responsible for marketing, business development and strategic alliances.

    Robert Koenig, studied Engineering in Germany and France and started his career at Andersen Consulting by implementing large IT systems in Germany. He then moved to “Jungheinrich” in the UK being finally promoted as Finance Director and winning in 1995 the “Young Manager of the year” Award. Since 1997 Robert focussed on sales in Europe and the USA (customers like Walmart, EDS, BAYER, FIAT, etc.). He speaks multiple languages and his experiences and market knowledge has led to appearances on several television programs in Europe and the US. Robert now lives in th USA.

    Dr. jur. Andreas Lessmann, studied at the universities of Marburg and Frankfurt, Germany. He received the doctors degree in law studies. Andreas has a successful record of providing legal expertise in technical matters (software, internet, telecoms, patents, etc.) as well as in questions of corporate and commercial law. Andreas is qualified as an attorney at law (Rechtsanwalt) in Germany with an European and international background. He was legal counsel of former Lotus Development EMEA. Andreas is responsible for all legal and contractual matters.


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