In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope.
Charles Revlon

One of the fundamental points we learn as marketers is that to survive in business you must learn to identify your customers needs and respond to them effectively, efficiently, and more importantly, personally.

We can help you in the following areas:

  • Direct marketing
  • Exhibitions/trade shows
  • Literature/presentation material
  • Public relations
  • Market research
  • Marketing ideas

Our philosophy is simple: we only recommend marketing activities that add value to your company.


Inline Sales recognizes the effect that telesales has on improving your sales return on investment. We have assembled a team of telesales professionals who currently serve a wide range of domestic and international clients.

Why are some telesales providers effective and some not? We have found that to be truly effective, a telesales effort must excel in the following four critical areas:

  • The right people for the job
  • Call Centre technology that supports the selling environment
  • Training, training, training
  • People with a smile
  • As our telesales operation is primarily there to support our field sales operations our model is dependent on delivering revenue. If you are considering outsourcing your telesales effort, or are currently outsourcing telesales, but believe this effort can be more effective, Inline Sales is your answer.

    Why is the use of telesales important? It's all about cost. The fully-loaded costs of a telemarketeer are 35 percent of those of a direct, or field salesperson. Yet, the inside salesperson has the capability to deliver 70 percent of a direct or field salesperson's quota in many selling environments.

    We offer the following services outbound:

  • List Cleaning
  • List Building
  • Mystery shopping
  • Market Research
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Appointment Booking
  • Telemarketing
  • Sales
  • CRM
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