I am the world's worst salesman, therefore, I must make it easy for people to buy.
F. W. Woolworth
Resourcing / Recruiting

Inline Sales is proud to offer a focused service helping employers connect with qualified technology professionals. We are devoted to providing employers and IT pros an unrivalled employment service.

Competing in today's candidate-driven marketplace means recruiters must do more than simply place static, text-based job posting on a job board.

Historically, a business attempts to outcompete the myriad of other companies searching for the same individuals by simply selling candidates on a job using a basic, text-based job description. To compete in today's competitive marketplace, you must become much more of a "marketer" and less of a "recruiter" to successfully sell a candidate on working for your organization. Inline Sales gives you that advantage. Based on market studies & many hours of research on whats "Hot" and who needs what, we feel we offer a superior service, not only in resourcing projects, but also in recruiting the right people.

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