"When you are facing a horrid service situation, which has you fit to kill, take a deep breath and remember, as, say, you approach an employee from the offending company, 'This woman [man] is the only person on earth who, at this moment, can help me - or not"
Ann Richards
About Us

I wanted to thank you for your help in increasing my client base. Chris has worked tirelessly to win the first customers which we knew was the most difficult task.

I am looking forward to expand our partnership

Roger Wisson; Bell

Who Are We?
Inline Sales delivers proven solutions that address the challenges faced by businesses in today's evolving economy. Our experienced executives provide tailored Market Strategies, Sales Management and Outsourcing solutions to fit your business.

Why Use Us?

The answer is simple:
  • over 250 field sales professionals
  • strong focus on selling, selling is our passion
  • we cover most industries
  • we cover most European countries
  • we are transparent in what we do (and charge)
  • we have an outstanding project management process

Inline Sales will develop your solution using people who understand your product, your market and your business!

Who Should Use Us?
Companies trying to achieve their next level of development and maturity!

Companies in high growth, fast paced markets or those in transition will capitalize on our unique approach to market definition and sales management. Inline Sales has solutions tailored for start-ups and large companies; each program is developed and delivered specifically for you.

If you looking to launch a new company, a new product or a new territory, Inline Sales will reduce your time to market and save you money.

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