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Lead Generation

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Lead generation is a vital part of successful field sales. Bad lead generation can be very expensive as leads are generated slowly and/or of poor quality. Various methods are used to identify sales leads whereby a major challenge to the effectiveness of a sales force is to maintain the optimal mix of prospecting, while spending the necessary time in face-to-face meetings with clients and targets.

Effective lead generation by professionals is the back-bone of the field sales force, allowing them to leverage the efforts significantly.

How do we proceed?

Lead Generation PlanCreate plan for generating qualified leads.
Generation of LeadsGeneral Leads: Target tradeshows, seminars, email campaign, direct mail campaign, targeted lists and partners to generate leads. Targeted Leads. Implement a systematic approach that results in a focused and targeted campaign pursuing qualified leads in accounts that "ought" to buy.
Qualify, Distribute and Monitor Leads throughout ProcessDetermine and uncover need for product or service. Turn lead over to appropriate sales executive in a timely manner. Follow and report via sales process results of lead through sale cycle.
Lead Results ReportDetermine result of each lead, by lead source and sales executive.
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