Why Us

Inline Sales has one focus - to develop immediate revenue opportunities for our clients in the US.

Client Value:
Quicker to market, flexible staff and no fixed overhead expense! Sales outsourcing will lower your cost of sales!

Dedicated Sales Team:
We will work on a 1-to-1 relationship with our clients. We'll train and manage them specifically to sell your product or service.

Market Expertise:
Our expertise ranges across multiple markets including, Automotive, Bank, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Financial Service Provider, Health care, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Public Sector, Retail, Service Providers, Telecommunications and Utilities.

Advantages of outsourcing with Inline Sales:

Minimize Sales Investment
By outsourcing to Inline Sales, you will not need the fixed overhead infrastructure or any of the accompanying HR issues.

Sometimes it is vital in being first to market. Due to our experience, we deliver immediate impact by designing and delivering a sales execution strategy, recruiting, training and deploying. And we can do delivery across Europe.

Sales experience
This is one of our big differentiators: we have sales professionals other companies dream of. Therefore, we are able to drive your sales goals home by selecting the sales team based upon their experience and success in your industry. At the end it is in our interest to make you successful as we carry mainly the risk.

Proven methodology
Our Methodology was developed over several years and is built to achieve results.

Our key employees are senior sales executives who have years' of management experience, proven processes and industry contacts.

Reduced Risk
Our business model is based on delivering results and we hold ourselves accountable for delivering the things that are important to you.

Easily and efficiently expand or contract your sales investment without the employment issues associated with hiring and terminating professionals.

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